About Volunteering

If you are interested in being a volunteer for Motorcycle Dial-a-Ride here are some functions you could perform for us:

• Have a basic understanding of what MCDAR does. 1. We educate motorcyclists about the consequences of drinking and riding, 2. We encourage the use of intervention techniques, 3. As a last resort we have volunteers that provide safe transportation for an impaired rider, motorcycle and passenger.

• Speak about what is taking place with MCDAR at Chapter meetings and speak to other groups about MCDAR if you can find an opportunity.

• Inform MCDAR of problems or possible improvement opportunities you are aware of.

• Monitor condition of MCDAR trailers, if located in your community, and inform MCDAR if repairs are needed.

• Be primary contact for calls for service in your community. A MCDAR board member would contact you if there is a call for a pickup in your community, and ask that you make appropriate arrangements to complete that pickup.

• Be able to provide, or know volunteers who can provide, pickup service in your community and be equipped to do so. E.g. have access to a DAR trailer, have access to a privately owned trailer that can handle a motorcycle, have a vehicle that is equipped to tow a trailer, straps etc…

• Be available so that you can be reached during MCDARs’ hours of operation.

• Help distribute MCDAR materials to establishments in your community and keep records of where those materials went.

• Report to MDAR any interventions or pickups that have been done in your community.

• Share Information on how to donate to, or volunteer for MCDAR.

• Chapter contacts would receive minutes from MCDAR meetings and be informed in advance of future board meeting locations and times. (You are always welcome to attend board meetings.)

• We would ask that Chapter contacts for MCDAR lead by example and please not ride or drive if intoxicated!

Thank you for your help and support of MCDAR. It’s with your help, we can save lives!