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Intervention Methods

If you see someone or know someone impaired and unable to drive home, here are intervention methods to keep your fellow rider safe:

Enlist the Help of Others – The more people supporting the rider intervention, the better chance of success.

Keep the Rider at the Location – Use any excuse to keep the rider off their motorcycle.

Keep the Motorcycle Parked – If the rider can’t be controlled, then control the motorcycle. Take the keys or have someone go out to the bike and temporarily disable it from starting. (i.e. loosen/remove spark plug leads, disconnect battery, remove ignition fuse etc. Be careful not to cause any damage to the motorcycle.)

Arrange a Ride – Provide an alternative ride home either by taxi or calling a sober friend.

If No Other Options are Available – Call Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride, Inc. during service hours at 1-888-DIAL RID(e). Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride, Inc. is a free service available in the state of Minnesota on weekends and holidays from 6:00 PM on Friday through midnight on Sunday – starting the last weekend of April through the last weekend of October. Holiday’s include: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day.