44 people died in 43 motorcycle accidents in MN in 2019
55 people have died so far as a result of motorcycle accidents in MN in 2020
100+ reported pick ups and interventions in 2020


Welcome to Motorcycle Dial-a-Ride. We educate riders on methods to keep impaired motorcyclists off the road. We also provide a free rides for both rider and their motorcycle when other options are not available.

BAC Levels and Rider Impairment

Blood Alcohol Concentration or BAC is the amount of alcohol in relation to blood in your body. The more alcohol that is in your blood, the greater the BAC level as well as the degree of your mental and physical impairment. The three major factors in determining BAC are: the amount of alcohol you consume, ...

Swallow Your Pride – Don’t Drink and Ride

Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride, Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 volunteer organization established in 1990 to educate Minnesota motorcyclists about the consequences of riding and drinking, to encourage the use of intervention methods to prevent impaired riders from riding, and to provide free and safe transportation for impaired motorcyclists, their passengers and their motorcycle to their home or ...

Intervention Methods

If you see someone or know someone impaired and unable to drive home, here are intervention methods to keep your fellow rider safe: Enlist the Help of Others – The more people supporting the rider intervention, the better chance of success. Keep the Rider at the Location – Use any excuse to keep the rider ...